Why You Shouldn’t Trust Successful People’s Advice

Look at both successful people and failures to have a more accurate picture of reality. Successful people would tell us to take more risk. Bankrupt people will tell us to be more careful. Follow your impulses, but also follow your intuition. As for successful marriages and divorces, those that are successful tend to have already been living happier lives before meeting each other, whereas those who are divorces tend to have been more depressed before meeting each other. People won’t really say that they are happy with their marriage because they are just happy in general. We should focus on improving ourselves before thinking about improving our relationships.

The following short and interesting video shows a clear picture of how you can be easily fooled into believing a delusion by following successful people’s advice whether in money or in marriage. Some are based on scams and some are based on real success, and yet both scenarios can also fool you.

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