Vitakinesis | Healing Abilities – Subliminal Healing Training

Subliminal commands include:
Your subconscious mind absorbs subliminals instantly
your subconscious will make this subliminal your reality
You are the master of vitakinesis
you are the master of healing
You quickly perceive and understand the health conditions of anything
you can instantly restore living organisms to perfect health
Your healing powers are growing stronger every second
your vitakinesis is growing stronger and better every second
You can instantly heal others by touching them
Your healing abilities are super strong
You can see and control healing energy
you are in full control of all aspects of health
You can instantly cure any wound, illness, and disease using your mind
you can instantly heal through physical contact
you are always super healthy
You have perfect health
your mind, body, and soul are healthy
you can fully cure and restore anything you want
You can easily heal the mind, body, and spirit at will
You have superhuman healing powers
You are a wise and intelligent healer
you can instantly sense and identify any illness, disease, or injury
You comepletely understand everything about healing
You can fully restore any living thing at will
You intuitively know how to heal living organisms using your mind
You are attracting tons of knowledge on health

*Use Headphones*

credit to music goes to EUniverse’s “guide to relaxation”

Vitakinesis/Healing is the ability to heal biotic organisms:

watch/listen to this video 1-3 times a day for a week to a few months before you notice any major results. You may use this while meditating, sleeping, visualizing, training, etc. But never while driving.

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