The Dark Side Of Tesla’s Technology

The Dark Side Of Tesla’s Technology

Tesla’s Experiments with Vibration and Resonance

Tesla is renown for his extensive experiments with mechanical vibrations and resonance. In 1898 he was experimenting with an electro-mechanical oscillator. Attaching the oscillator to a structural beam of his loft building, Tesla turned it on and began making observations and taking notes. Unfortunately, Tesla was unaware that amplified vibrations from the oscillator were travelling through the beam and into the substructure of Manhattan in all directions. Nearby buildings shook, windows shattered, and people poured into the streets believing an earthquake was taking place. Finally realizing what was happening, Tesla smashed the oscillator and put an end to the experiment.

Tesla later described another experiment he conducted with a mechanical oscillator about the size of an alarm clock. He attached it to a steel beam which was two feet long and two inches thick. Tesla described the results: “For a long time nothing happened. But at last, the great steel link began to tremble, increased its trembling until it dilated and contracted like a beating heart – and finally broke! Sledgehammers could not have done it, but a fusillade of taps, no one of which would have harmed a baby, did it.”

Tesla decided to take his experiments with vibration and resonance to a new level by attaching one of his oscillators to a steel beam of a partially-constructed skyscraper near Wall Street. He described the experiment: “In a few minutes, I could feel the beam trembling. Gradually the trembling increased in intensity and extended throughout the whole great mass of steel. Finally, the structure began to creak and weave, and the steelworkers came to the ground panic-stricken, believing that the building was about to fall. Before anything serious happened, I took off the vibrator, put it in my pocket, and went away. But if I had kept on ten minutes more, I could have laid that building flat in the street. And, with the same vibrator, I could drop Brooklyn Bridge in less than an hour.”

Tesla continuously touted the awesome potential of mechanical resonance, He once told newspaper reporters that, using one of his oscillator devices, he would be able to “reduce [the Empire State Building] to a tangled mass of wreckage in a very short time. First. the outer stone coating of the skyscraper would be hurled off. Then the whole vast skeleton of steel, the pride and glory of the Manhattan skyline, would collapse.”

Tesla’s Experiments with Scalar Wave Technology

In 1899, Tesla conducted experiments with scalar waves at his laboratory at Colorado Springs. Scalar waves, which flow at right angles to electromagnetic waves, are considered to be finer than gamma rays or X-rays. They belong to the subtle gravitational field. and are also know as gravitic waves or longitudinal waves. Many scientists and researches today refer to them simply as “Tesla Waves.”

As a result of his Colorado Springs experiments, Tesla learned how to harness scalar waves from one transmitter to another without using any wires. Tesla later built a prototype of this “magnifying transmitter” at Shoreham, Long Island, NY. As we all know, Tesla’s funding for this project was revoked after his financial backer, J.P. Morgan, realized that Tesla’s World Wireless system would destroy his business profits by allowing people to tap into “free energy” at no cost.

Tesla later discovered that scalar energy becomes “bottled” from the intersection of two scalar waves. Through interferometry, a technique of cross scalar wave beams, large standing waves could be combined to produce a focuses “beam” of extremely powerful energy. Several scalar waves sent from different transmitters could also be combined by interferometry to produce a plasma “bottle” of very high contained energy. This “bottle” or “shield” could be moved around the planet at will, and the bottled energy could even be detonated remotely. If detonated in the earth, an earthquake would be the result. If detonated in a building or a city, the result would be a violent explosion. akin to a miniature nuclear explosion without any resulting radiation, which would disintegrate all matter within the “bottle.”

Tesla’s so-called “Death Ray” could literally project the energy of a nuclear warhead and direct it to any location in the world. Some say the massive explosion in Tunguska, Siberia in 1908 may have been due to a test of this technology. The force of the Tunguska explosion was estimated to have been 10-15 megatons. The blast flattened half a million acres of forest. It is conjectured that Tesla may have been trying to break ice at polar circle during the test, and may have overshot his target.

Tesla considered further experiments with scalar wave technology too dangerous, for obvious reasons. He knew that scalar waves could be used to create man-made earthquakes or to create remote disintegration weapons. This is why he made the decision before his death to divide his lifelong research over multiple locations in different countries. That way, no one country could gain a power-advantage over the rest of the world by weaponizing technology based on his research. After his death in 1943, the FBI and other intelligence agencies in the United States were actively involved in confiscating and suppressing many of Tesla’s documents, including plans for his “Death Ray” weapon and “Earthquake Machine” deeming them Top Secret lest they fall into “enemy hands.”

– Mark Passio

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