Super Chi Flush Heals All Your Physical Handicaps

It doesn’t matter what handicap you have. This stuff burns through everything!

HEAL THE HANDICAPS. (blind, deaf, dumb)

A handicap is caused by scar tissue buildup. Let’s say you fell off the motorcycle, and you can no longer feel or move your leg. Here is the reason why:

A scar has formed on the nerve blocking the chi flow and electricity. The nerve became useless.

Sometimes, a scar formed on your flesh can jam up your blood circulation causing numbness and lack of sensation. The end result is death of nerve cells and permanent handicap.

The lesser the chi blockades you have, the healthier and more superior you are.

Super Chi Flush can flush through anything! It doesn’t matter where the Chi blockade is. Super Chi Flush can flush right through it. You have to use Super Chi Flush with Gorgeouspil and the rings. When you are on the bed healing, you can feel the blockades being flushed through by Chi Flush!

Super Chi Flush’s herbal compound is strong enough to break the toughest clogs in your body. It will send Chi energy into any area of your body. Super Chi Flush will allow you to feel healing throughout the entire body. You will feel constant healing for the entire healing session. (around 2 hours) So you can enjoy 2 hours of very strong and noticeable ‘healing feeling’ every night at your most critically blocked area.

Super Chi Flush fights the toughest clogs in the body slowly opening up the blockades which hindered the flow of Chi energy. The end result is that the entire body’s Chi flow will eventually be unclogged. Could this mean that all handicaps, tumor, herpes, cancer, etc. will all be flushed away by Super Chi Flush? You decide!

Information from http://www.alexchiu.com/index.htm

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