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Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

“The twin flame relationship is not one of romantic love, although romantic love is most certainly present. But it is one of service. Both twin flames would have reached a certain point in their spiritual development, and once they have become whole, integrated, individualized and polarized, then they will automatically attract the person into their life that carries the charge that mirrors their own higher self aspect. This is what we call a twin flame. The soul separates itself when it is birthed into matter. On half incarnates in the third density. The other remains in the antimatter realm. These souls are positive and negative mirrors of each other. Or indeed this can be described as male and female aspects of the same soul. It is the person in the earthly incarnation that vibrates at the same frequency as the higher self that is the twin flame. Therefore they can be described as the other half of your soul.

The twin flames are brought together when they are ready for service, ready to live together as a couple without karmic ties or even earthly marriage boundaries, but living in service to others, working spiritually together for the good of the whole, for the good of all beings, not just on earth, but throughout the cosmos and on all frequencies. A Twin Flame relationship is earned, and not an automatic given, and should be cherished. A twin flame relationship brings with it challenges similar to the soulmate relationship. But the twin flame couples are usually more evolved spiritually, so challenges are overcome easily and seen instantly as opportunities for growth and learning. It is often said that humans on earth feel it is their destiny to meet their twin flame. Well, this is true in a sense as it is their destiny to evolve along a spiritual path. And at the right moment, this will always bring the twin flame frequency with it.

So what happens when one twin flame is ready, and the other walks away from the relationship? Each being has free will, and so can choose to stay with their twin flame or not. If both twins are vibrating in harmony with each other, then this will not happen. But in the rare case of one twin ready to work in service with their divine counterpart, and the other not being ready, then the grid of creation in partnership with the twin who is ready to receive the twin flame relationship will move timelines, creating new possibilities from the quantum field. And another aspect who vibrates with the higher self aspect of the twin who is ready, will be brought into their reality.

Does this mean there is more than one twin flame for each person? There is only one twin flame. One other half of your One Soul Essence, your split-apart, your other half. But that other half of you is multidimensional, as are you, and all possibilities within the quantum universe can be tapped into. Therefore if one twin chooses to walk away from their divine counterpart on earth, then the remaining twin will be compensated by the abundance of the universal flow, and shall draw a second twin flame relationship into their lives. This second twin flame will still be the person with the matching frequency of the one true divine counterpart, of which there is only one. But that one can exist in more than one person. So too can the twin flame frequency appear within a person that it was not in before, or observed in before.

The conclusion to this is, at this time of great change leading up to the return of singularity, the return to zero point in the year 2012, there are a great many of you connecting with your twin flame essence. These relationships are being manifested by you, and your own desire to connect with the divine aspect of yourselves, which is mirrored in another who holds the frequency of your higher self. Those of you the lightworkers, the star seeds on earth, the mapmakers of the ascension, those of you who have awakened and are activating your DNA to the new structure, you have learned to manifest, to create your own reality. And you are the ones who have drawn these divine relationships into your life. Cherish them well, for they are relationships of service. And the twin flame couples working on earth at this time are very special to us of the light, for they achieve so much, and are able to anchor the light frequency so well as they magnify the light within each other, and are each others’ masters.

Those of you who have not yet met their soulmate or twin flame, then know that if you are walking that spiritual path of working on yourself, accumulating knowledge through appropriate research, and are spreading your light and healing across the planet. Those of you who hold the frequency of unconditional love, if you have reached that place within yourself, and it is your fervent wish to meet that person, and experience the divine relationship in service, know then that you will meet this person. Know fully in your hearts, that the person you seek is therefore you, around the corner in time. Let go of any desperation or grasping need to be with this person, and be truly comfortable and in balance as a single entity. Find happiness in the single path, and let go of your need to be with your twin. And then that person will come into your life, for one of the greatest tools at your disposal for creating your own reality, is the tool of truly knowing what you want, knowing you have what you want, and being happy without it, and letting go of it. For letting go is the key to manifestation.”

– Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships (Magenta Pixie channels the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine)

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