Revelations from An Illuminati Insider Point of View

Revelations from An Illuminati Insider Point of View

You know us as the Illuminati and have attributed many things about us, some of them true, some of them false. The state of the world is the way it is because of three factors: 1. Our influence (open or hidden) and actions in it. 2. Your (the masses and individuals) beliefs and way of living in it. 3. Cosmic causes from the beginning and the divine plan in motion.

We are in control of your society, and we will continue to be in control even as you expose our existence and influence in this world. It is not invisibility that gives us our power. It is you the human nature that gives us our power. As long as people are slothful, wicked and foolish, we will have power in this world. We retain world dominance for the purpose of good. If there was no control, society would be in chaos because of the inability of the masses to govern themselves.

We create and established the control system so that the energy of the masses can be harnessed and productivity can be maximized. We are here in this world filled with imperfection and imperfect inhabitants, so we might as well make the most out of it. Remember the quote from your poet:

“Fools will be fools as certain as fate, Men of wisdom, make them your tools; That, only that, is the use of fools.”
– John G. Saxe

Verily that is a true and wise statement indeed. We create “Order out of Chaos”.

We are your masters and your enslavers, but yet the key to your freedom is also given by us. We provide you with the knowledge of how to create your freedom, but yet many would not take heed of it, and continue to blame us for their suffering while they continue to create their own enslavement.

Look to those who have escaped the rat race, and you will hear them mentioning the same things. Their solutions might be controversial, but many of you are unable to accept because of your limiting belief systems. The rich and successful reveal to you the keys of action, work, concentration, business, marketing, selling, persuasion, influence, managing, learning, reading, diligence, etc. But yet how many are willing to pay the price?

Because you are not willing to make the most use of yourself, we will make use of you. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Instead of filling our prisons with an oversupply of criminals with no productivity, we imprison most of you in our control system of labour and economic slavery.

Because you would not buy the things that would be truly useful to you, or invest your money in worthy investments, we fill your world with plenty of things to buy in entertainment, gossip, and tons of frivolous things. We enrich ourselves by your sloth and foolishness.

In business, we sell to you the dream that riches can come abundantly and automatically without work. We create the illusion of the lifestyle of the rich. We do not show you what you do not want to see, the effort, the hard work, the sacrifices that have to be made.

In religion, we mix extremes of errors depending on your psychological faults. We either implant lies that God is not for prosperity, so that you remain foolishly trapped by our control system, or we delude you into thinking that God can give you everything without you needing to do much work.

Remember, the truth is always “what works”, and when you focus on what the majority of the people who have made it work, they will say the same things. Ignore the rest.

“Misdirection” is the secret principle of the magician on stage. We point you to something (whether by direction or implication), but the real action is taking place somewhere else. We give you an external “target” that you can aim at. The more you blame us for your suffering, the more powerless you remain.

Once you understand that you alone are at cause of your reality, and that we are your shadow, you take the red pill.

“The brightness of the Tao seems like darkness, the advancement of the Tao seems like retreat, the level path seems rough, the superior path seem empty, the pure seems to be tarnished, and true virtue doesn’t seem to be enough. The virtue of caution seems like cowardice, the pure seems to be polluted, the true square seems to have no corners, the best vessels take the most time to finish, the greatest sounds cannot be heard, and the greatest image has no form. The Tao hides in the unnamed, Yet it alone nourishes and completes all things.”
– Tao Te Ching

We are the doers of good in this world, although the good that we do seems impure. We are the doers of evil in this world, but the evil we do is a necessary evil.

We are your Shadow. We are here as your Adversary (Satan, the Devil), but yet we are also here to illuminate you as the Bringer of Light (Lucifer). We are here to teach you the lessons until you learn and create your own freedom. We are not your friendly teacher. We are teaching you as your enemy.

There is an old saying: “No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher.”

We are the Force of Good and Evil, as represented by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that you partook in the beginning of this world. We are here because you chose us to be here. Although we may have influenced your choice as the Serpent, it is your own God-Given freewill that made the choice.

– Article Posted by Enoch Tan on http://www.greatgenius.com/revelations-from-an-illuminati-insider-point-of-view

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