A Pair of Entrepreneurs Want to Make Sure Every Woman Is Able to Orgasm

Let’s talk about sex.

According to the Center for Sexual Health, women only orgasm 64% of the time, even though 85% of men think women orgasm during vaginal sex. But why is this happening, and is there anything that can be done to change it?

Two New York City entrepreneurs think they might have the solution. Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman believe women don’t orgasm as frequently as men because no attention is given to the clitoris. So they invented “Eva,” the marquee product of their planned sex-toy company Dame Products, which they’re currently raising money for on Indiegogo. The Eva is being touted as the first hands-free, strap-free vibrator to assist women during vaginal intercourse — because a whopping 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax during sex.

The Eva is designed to slip under the labia majora — provided a woman has a large enough labia majora — to allow for hands-free sex. The retractable wings allow Eva to fit a range of women; the three speeds attend to the varying needs women might have during sex.

Female beta testers have so far raved about Eva, saying that it allows them to keep the focus on their partner instead of “holding down a vibrator” and “being distracting.” This is a sex toy, Lieberman said, “to fit the real needs of women and their partners.”

Fine and Lieberman want Eva to eradicate the pleasure gap between men and women during sex — and they just might be able to do it. The pair has already raised $145,392 for the project, almost $100,000 more than they were asking for. Clearly, something about this issue is resonating.

But this really shouldn’t be all that surprising. Now that we know that the vaginal orgasm is really just asecond kind of clitoral orgasm, it’s about time there’s a product for women to achieve maximum pleasure during sex.

Source: http://mic.com/articles/102404/a-pair-of-entrepreneurs-want-to-make-sure-every-woman-is-able-to-orgasm

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