Matt Damon Goes Public On Illuminati And New World Order

“You’re saying our problem is civil disobedience. That is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. What we’re trying to do I assume is really to get back to the principles and aims and spirit of the declaration of independence. This spirit is illegitimate authority and the forces that deprived people of their life and liberty and right to pursue happiness. And therefore under this conditions, it urges the right to alter or abolish the current form of government. And the stress had been on abolish. But to abolish the principles of independence, we’re going to need to go outside the law, to stop obeying the laws that demand killing or that allocates wealth the way it has been done, or to put people in jail for petty technical offenses, and keep other people out of jail for enormous crimes. My hope that this kind of spirit will take place not just in this country but in other countries because they all need it. People in all countries need the spirit of disobedience to the state, which is not a metaphysical thing, but a thing of force and wealth. And we need the kind of declaration of inter-dependence among people in all countries of the world who are striving for the same thing.”
– Matt Damon

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