Kinds Of Sex Every Woman Enjoys But Won’t Admit

#1 Rough Play

They may always want to be in control outside of the bed, but women love an aggressive and rough man while having sex. She wants to feel dominated and taken control over, which gets her extremely wet and excited. Tying her up, spanking, tossing, hair pulling licking, biting…it’s all a turn on for her! Surprise her one day with handcuffing her to the bed, and doing things to her she’s never felt.


#2 Sensual Sex

Being sensual is the complete opposite of rough play, but it’s just as effective. Run a bath for her with champagne on the side, then place rose peddles from the bathroom to the bed. Sure, this seems extremely cliche, but we guarantee it will get her turned on. Nothing says you care more than pulling out the massage lotion and slowly rubbing every inch of her body in the bed. Foreplay is the real way to a woman’s orgasm…


#3 Spontaneous Sex

Nothing turns a woman on more than being spontaneous about sex, breaking out of the normal routine. Throwing her onto the dining table after she just cooked a meal will definitely take her by surprise and get her wet. Showing her you’re unable to control the urge to have her right then and there will rock her world! Find new places around your house that you’ve never been sexual in, and go for it!


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