It Is Impossible To Knock Out This Shaolin Kung Fu Monk

Chinese Shaolin kung fu master Yi Long used an interesting technique during this muay thai fight in New Zealand. His opponent didn’t realize coming into the fight that it is actually impossible to knockout a Shaolin Master!

Pretty sure if you walked into any boxing gym without prior experience, the first rule they’d teach you was to protect yourself at all times. This guy must have decided to ignore that advice.

Chinese Shaolin kung fu master Yi Long employs quite an unusual technique when he fights in mixed martial arts contests.

His ancient discipline has taught him something incredible… To resist knockouts! A pretty useful skill to be able to tap into when you’re in the ring with hands and feet coming your way constantly.

Shaolin kung-fu, also known as wushu, is over 1,500 years old and thought to be the oldest form of the great martial art in the world. And there can’t be too many better proponents of wushu that Yi Long.

Source: http://worldtruth.tv/it-is-impossible-to-knock-out-this-shaolin-kung-fu-monk/

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