“Human UFO” Spotted by the Passengers and Crew of a UK Flight Remains a Mystery

In news straight out of a sci-fi movie (or a classic episode of the Twilight Zone), an Airbus 320 narrowly avoided a collision with a “flying man” as it was making its descent into Manchester Airport on June 13th, 2014. The pilot and first offer reported this “Human UFO” spotted at 3,500 feet to air traffic control at 1:30pm. At the time of the incident the skies were clear and the visibility was about six miles.

According to reports from the crew, the man was first spotted about 200 to 300 feet above the plane and passed by very quickly at about 100 meters from the left side. While they assumed he had to have some kind of canopy or other flying assistance, it was not visible at the time.

There were no reports of skydivers, parachutists, paragliders or balloonists in the area on that day. According to experts from the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, weather conditions would have made it impossible for a lone flyer to be in the area. In addition, if the flyer did have a parachute or a canopy, people on the plane would have probably noticed it “because would have been the most obvious object by a ­significant margin.”

Anyone flying in the area would have also been obvious to radar, but according to Air Traffic Control, no flyers or equipment appeared on the radar at 1:30 pm on June 13th.

To further frustrate and complicate the investigation, there has been no corroboration of the story from anyone on the ground. This means the “flying man” was only visible for a brief moment to people on the plane.

Surprisingly for the world we live in, nobody on the plane was able to take photos or videos, probably because the man was moving so quickly as the plane was landing. The only evidence we have is eye-witness reports of passengers and crew on the plane, including the pilot and first officer.

So what do you think? Who or what was this “man” able to fly without assistance? Was this a human in a wing-suit flying illegally and undetected in controlled air space? Was this some kind of alien or extraterrestrial? Is Superman real? Could this have been a multidimensional being, or someone astral projecting? Is this a case of the mistaken identity of a blow-up doll, weather balloon or a piece of debris that merely resembled a flying man? Or was this actually a piece of military technology gone awry? Were the people on this plane just experiencing a mass hallucination? Is this entire story a hoax, or is someone in the plane or on the ground lying about what they saw?

Nobody knows sure. According to Aviation Expert Chris Yates, “This is a complete and utter mystery.”

While the mystery of the “Human UFO” continues to confuse and baffle experts, the increasing amount of unexplainable events happening in our world is leading people to ask questions about truth, reality and the nature of existence. So whom or what was this “Human UFO?” Nobody knows for sure.


Dr. Kelly Neff is a social psychologist, author and educator who has helped thousands of people learn about health, relationships, love and sexuality. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown and M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. A professor of psychology since 2007, she has become an innovator in the field of online teaching with her book, Teaching Psychology Online. When she isn’t writing, teaching or doing healing work from her home in Boulder, CO, Dr. Neff travels the globe researching transformational festivals for her upcoming book for the Festival Research Project. She is currently a contributing author to The Mind Unleashed. You can find her daily doses of inspiration and positivity on Facebook and Twitter. Light and Love!


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