The Human who Copulated With And Produced Herself/Himself

I just watched a show where a time traveling agent got injured in a mission and had to undergo reconstructive facial surgery and after that he went back in time on another mission to bring a baby to an orphanage and the baby grows up into a lady who meets a mysterious man and has sex with him and got pregnant and after she gave birth her baby was kidnapped by a mysterious man and the doctors found she actually had male and female organs but the male organs were suppressed and her female organs were damaged and had to be removed after giving birth and they did sexual reconstructive surgery to accentuate her male organs which turned her gradually into a man who later met the time traveling agent and he recruited him/her to become a time traveling agent to travel back in time to kill the mysterious man who impregnated her and destroyed her life but when she went back in time she discovered that she was the mysterious man who met her past self and she/he was attracted to her past self and decided to have sex with herself and then she/he went on continual time traveling missions until she/he was injured in one of them and had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery and after that he/she went on a mission to travel back in time to recruit her/his younger sex-changed male self to become a time traveling agent and then she/he traveled further back in time to kidnap the baby of her/his younger self and traveled again further back in time to bring that baby to an orphanage at the start of the show.

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