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How to Manifest Your Desires Using Orgone Energy

Should the piece of paper that my desires I wish to manifest are written on it, be placed on top of my Orgone Schumann Generator or underneath it? And should it fit exactly beneath my Orgone Schumann Generator?

You would be best to place the piece of paper that you have written your desire on top of or beneath your Orgone Energy Schumann Generator, and have the paper facing upwards. This will amplify the desire that you have written on the paper.

It does not matter if the paper you have written your desires on is bigger than your Orgone Schumann Generator or if  it does not need to fit neatly under it.

For manifesting my desires, should the words be written in present or past tense, such as “I have” or “I am”, instead of future tense, such as I will?

The fastest way to open up the energy of the Universe to provide whatever it is that you desire is to always write and ask everything as a “Question”.

For example, keep asking “What Else Is Possible?” or “What Are The Infinite Possibilities?” or “How Does It Get Any Better Than This? As you ask these questions, you can actually feel that there is far more energy available to you, and the Universe can deliver what you desire faster this way.

As an Access Consciousness Practitioner and Bars Facilitator, I have found that “Being The Question” and always “Being The Question” opens up the energy and far more possibilities for the Universe to give you what you desire much faster. In fact, I find manifesting this way almost instantaneously.

To find out more about Access Consciousness. To understand this better, we highly recommend reading the book:”Being You, Changing The World“.

When we place something on or under your Orgone Schumann Generator for “manifestation” we only write on the paper exactly what we wish for, for example at present we have a piece of paper under our Orgone Generator that simply states: “Perfect Health, Well-Being and Vitality”.

Why does rubbing my Orgone Pendant between your fingers help with the manifesting?

Rubbing your Orgone Pendant on both sides between your thumb and fingers, increases the energy through your entire energy fields. This also assists with clearing any harmful energies around you. Rubbing your Orgone Pendant regularly boosts your manifestation powers and desires.

Let’s say I desire to get myself a new car. Will placing a picture of the car I desire under my Orgone Schumann Generator, and on top of my written desire work, as the photo of the car is printed and wasn’t written by me?

Yes, this would still work. Images as well as hand written or typed notes will all work well by placing them all beneath your Orgone Schumann Generator to assist you to manifest your desires.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin
Orgone Energy Australia

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