How the Controllers (NWO) Infiltrated the New Age Movement and Other Spiritual Paradigms

The Controllers are made of secretive groups of influential and wealthy people who usually work in high levels of the entertainment, media, religious, educational, political, financial and court systems. They are obsessed with power and control, which is why they like to bribe their way to the top and take control of these systems.

There are many secretive groups or secret societies that are trying to control the world. Some of them are known as the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Skull and Bones, the Committee of 300, the Vatican, the Club of Rome, the Knights Templars and the Council of 13. Together they are known as the New World Order (NWO). The true leaders of the NWO usually hide in the shadows and rarely show themselves; therefore, only a few people on Earth know who they are. It is important to know that not everyone involved in secret societies supports the dark agendas of the NWO.

Whenever any popular movement emerges, they will try to infiltrate it and steer it in a way that benefits them. Many of the popular western cultural movements were partially engineered by them, including but not limited to hip hop, rock and roll, and rap. In addition, the Hollywood lifestyle and latest fashion trends are also heavily influenced by them. If you want proof of this, read this shocking article.

The Controllers (Elites) of the NWO like to infiltrate popular cultural movements so they can inject their destructive ideas into them. By doing this, they can manipulate how we think and act; therefore, they can control and divide us without our knowledge. For example, certain popular street gangs were created by them to instigate violence and race wars. The different political parties, such as Democrat and Republican, are also tools they use to create conflicts between us. They know that in order to control us, they need to divide us and make us fight each other. A united country is harder to control than a divided country.

If you have a hard time believing secret societies exist, watch the short video below. In this video, John F. Kennedy (35th President of the US) warned us about the dangers of secret societies. Unfortunately, he was assassinated shortly after his speech and therefore he did not get a chance to free us from the control of the NWO. I believed John F. Kennedy was our last real president. All the presidents after him were used as frontmen for controlling factions of secret organizations.

John F. Kennedy Secret Society Speech

The hidden agendas behind the New Age

All major religious paradigms have been heavily infiltrated by secret societies, including but not limited to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and the New Age. This does not mean there is no truth in these religious systems. Modern religions do have a lot of truth, but they also contain many distorted information and lies. For these reasons, it is wise to question religion instead of following it blindly.

The New Age is the NWO’s latest spiritual system that they are using to manipulate us into accepting a one-world religion along with their one-world government. I know some New Age supporters may get mad at me for writing this article, but the infiltration of the New Age needs to be discussed, so that we do not become victims of the Controllers’ version of spiritual enlightenment. There is a lot of truth and enlightening information in the New Age. However, there is also a lot of disinformation and misleading information.

One of the Controllers’ favorite techniques to deceive New Age followers is to trick them into thinking that problems can be solved by heavily concentrating on love and light. If it were that easy, we would have freed ourselves from this Earth drama a long time ago. If we live in a perfect world, thinking love and light would work. However, we live in a heavily polarized reality that is very dense and low in vibration. These features make it hard for us to utilize the true power of thought and therefore our thoughts have a hard time manifesting energy into material things. However, when we combine our thoughts, the thought manifestation process strengthens exponentially, but it is still not enough to stop the dark agendas of the NWO. A better technique is to combine positive thoughts with affirmative actions.

To strengthen the above technique even more, we need to spread knowledge of empowerment that is effective at increasing awareness. Having a strong awareness is important for winning the Earth drama, because our awareness can be our salvation. The leaders of the NWO are amazing “magicians,” because they are masters of deception. They like to use actors, camera tricks and the media to deceive us.

When magicians do magic tricks, they can fool us into believing that they are playing with magic. Once they tell us how their tricks are done or once we figure out how they work, they cannot fool us anymore due to the fact that we know their secrets. In other words, we have become aware of how their tricks are achieved. This is why our awareness can be our salvation. The reason why the Controllers want us to concentrate on only love and light is to prevent us from becoming aware of the techniques they have been using to destroy our health and control our mind.

How organic spiritual science got distorted

Another technique the Controllers have been using to prevent us from achieving true enlightenment is by distorting the teachings of organic spiritual science with their inorganic Death Science teachings. During the ancient times, certain secret societies infiltrated the religious and educational systems of ancient civilizations and slowly conditioned them into accepting Death Science without their knowledge. As a result, the teachings of Death Science have become part of the norm in human culture long before the appearance of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Thus, when these religious paradigms were created, they also incorporated the ideas of Death Science into them.

If you do not know what Death Science is, it is a spiritual science that supports finite systems. Death Science is not evil and it contains its own truth. Death Science allows us to experience things that we cannot experience in a reality field built on pure organic spiritual science. To learn more about the spiritual science of finite life and infinite life, read this empowering article.

Secret societies of today are actually new generations of ancient secret societies. Their names may have changed throughout time, but they still have the same dark agenda, which is to enslave the human race under a one-world government. In order to establish a system to control the world, they need to destroy the current religious system by manipulating us into believing that many great spiritual teachers of the past never existed.

Why the Controllers distorted religion

Once you start putting the puzzles of the big picture together, you should start to see why certain secret societies have been slowly seeding their ideologies into the major branches of religion for millennia. Secret societies that are part of the NWO are masters of deception. They have been implanting their ideas into religion for thousands of years in preparation for the final battle, which a lot of people refer to it as the “End Times.” If you have done enough research in this subject, you should realize that the “End Times” prophecy was partially engineered by these secret organizations. The proof of this can be found in this informative article. The Controllers have been seeding many of their ideologies into modern religion and spiritual movements to create conflicts between us, so that they can divide and control us.

In addition to corrupting religion, the NWO created financial problems to destroy the economy and our standard of living. They want to destroy our life and make us hate our authorities to the point where violent revolutions erupt throughout the world, giving them the opportunity to implement martial law, while at the same time offering us a solution in exchange for our freedom and liberty. The current economic crisis and race wars were engineered by the Controllers for this purpose.

One thing I notice about people who expose the affiliation between the New Age and the NWO is that they tend to quote the Bible a lot. What these people need to understand is that many of the teachings found in the Bible have been distorted long before the Bible was created. This does not mean there is no truth in the Bible. It just means the Bible is not as pure as they have conditioned us to believe.

Before watching the following video, be aware that I do not agree with everything in this video. The video suggests that people who are part of the Freemasons, which is a secret society, are Luciferians. My current understanding is that many of the early Freemasons weren’t Luciferians. However, their society was infiltrated by the Illuminati and this secret organization has turned Freemasonry into a controlling society that mostly supports the teachings of Luciferians. The first president of the US (George Washington) was a Freemason as well as many presidents after him. If you want proof that George Washington was a Freemason, visit the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

Illuminati and Its Infiltration of Christianity

This next video exposes how the Jesuits infiltrated Christian churches throughout the world. It also talks about the Illuminati’s role in corrupting Christianity. As always, use your intuition to help you discern this video.

Secret Societies: The Jesuits and Their Infiltration of Christian Churches

The Illuminati is a group of hybrid races who were chosen by their puppet masters (Fallen Angels and other fallen entities) to help them create a new age in which humanity is enslaved under a fascist one-world government and one-world religion. If you want to learn more about secret societies, I highly recommend visiting this informative website.

Secret societies may have a lot of power, but they are not as powerful as we, the people of the world. All it takes to demolish their controlling empire is enough people waking up and educating others about the dark agendas of the NWO. Once enough people wake up, the right people in the appropriate situations will take the necessary actions to stop the Controllers’ dark agendas. This great awakening is one of the reasons why some authorities are taking actions to stop certain secret societies from destroying the future of humanity.

Since the Controllers are masters of deception, if you want to protect yourself and your family from their controlling techniques, you need to become aware of the methods they used to manipulate your mind and harm your body. Always question news and information as much as possible, because there is a lot of disinformation in the public domain. Learn to contemplate your thoughts and use your intuition to help you discern information. Educate yourself on how to become independent and do not allow the Controllers to scare you into giving up your freedom and liberty for their version of salvation. If you can, support the brave patriots who are exposing the NWO and take actions to help unite humanity. As long as we, the people of the world, are united the Controllers cannot defeat us.

Source: http://omnithought.org/how-controllers-infiltrated-new-age-movement-spiritual-paradigms/296

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