Happy To Be Alone: 8 Real Facts About Introverts

Enjoying Loneliness:

One of the most important facts about introverts are they love to spend time with themselves. They do not hate social gathering, but they want some time to be alone. Sometimes they cants express their inner feelings and they are usually reserved.

They love silence:

They enjoy silence. Some time they seem to be unsocial, shy or dumb. But actual thing is the introverts are best communicator. If they feel comfortable with you they give their best for your happiness. Actually they need some time to adjust in a new situation.

They are loyal in relationships:

Though introverts have less number of friends but their relationships are deeper. They have less number of friends but they are true and loyal in their relationships. They take time to trust others but when they trust a person will be loyal to them in the long run. They are very dedicated in relationships.

They are good observer and listener:

Introverts are very good observers. They remain quite but they notice all the details of human nature. And the most amazing thing is Introverts are good listener also. They always listen your all things with attention and they are not judgmental. So you can share your feeling without any hesitation to your introvert friend. They surely help and support you.

Self evaluative:

Another amazing ability of introverts are they have the ability of self evaluation. They always evaluate their strength and shortcomings. They enjoy their own company. They love themselves. Introverts are good thinker. They think the consequences first and then act.

They often distracted:

Attention level of introverts is quite less than extroverts. They are easily distracted and sometimes introverts can be depressed and they often have the feeling of inferior self worth.

They don’t like crowd:

They prefer people not crowd. They enjoyed small group parties, they love to hang on with friends, spending time with family but they feel alone in crowd because they feel difficulty to communicate with stranger.

Better in writing:

Introverts are better in writing than communicating. They often prefer messaging than phone calls. One amazing facts about introverts are they are very creative. They love writing. They are also daydreamer. They are often developing hobby such as gardening, poetry, handicrafts etc.


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