Give The Gift Of Healing That Lasts For A Lifetime

Give The Gift Of Energy Healing

Imagine your parents’ home being completely protected with a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer they got as a gift?

Imagine your partner’s car being completely protected where ever they drive with a Car EMR Harmonizer  they got as a gift?

Imagine your teenagers being protected with a Cell Phone Radiation Shield each time they use their iPhone, Laptop Computer or WiFi technology they got as a gift?

Imagine your boss or staff being protected while they are at work by a Schumann & Orgone Energy Generator they got as a gift?

And imagine the amazing healing benefits of someone wearing an Orgone Energy Pendant  they got as a gift?

These Gifts that will last them a lifetime, improve their health and well-being, and protect everyone from the increasing amounts of noxious low frequency electro-magnetic radiation and other noxious energies we are constantly being bombarded with.

Check Out Our New Cell iPhone | Blackberrry EMR | EMF Radiation Shield (Which Also Doubles As a Portable Space Clearing Device)

Our new Cell iPhone Radiation Shield that we introduced into our range at earlier this year has undergone an interesting upgrade to now protection you from the noxious energies radiated from their Digital screens.  Not only does our new Cell iPhone Radiation Shield act as a cell phone EMF harmonizer protecting you from the harmful effects of your cell phone; did you know that it also doubles as a portable space clearing device.

Have you ever walked through a shopping centre or other places where there are crowds of people, and then realised after exiting the crowd that you feel uneasy after collecting the bad energies of others?   Well you will be completely protected where ever you go, be a protective energy bubble that surrounds your when you carry your mobile phone containing one of our new Cell iPhone Radiation Shields . Tests by geomancers have revealed that the protective range is approx 20 feet from the source of the Cell iPhone Radiation Shield.

Space clearing works by cleansing and purifying the chi energy of an area to enhance the quality of energy in the space.

Of course, our Cell iPhone Radiation Shields cannot replace the Schumann and Orgone Energy Generators which have a far larger protective field in your home, office or workplace, or our very powerful Geoclense EMR Harmonizer, which has additional amazing properties.

Yours sincerely,
Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin
Orgone Energy Australia

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