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“There is a journey between where you are and where you want to be. And it is not a work journey, it is not an effort journey, it is not a getting hired journey, it is not even a getting a great idea for a great product that the world wants journey. It is a vibrational journey. Your vortex is full of everything that you want, and it is a vibrational speed that you usually aren’t at because you are like most people, you are observing what is instead of dreaming of what will be. Here and now is where I stand as a vibrational offerer that is being answered. It really is as simple as looking for a reason to feel good, about now, or about later, or about the past. Doesn’t matter. You’re thinking about the past, the present or the future, you’re doing it now. You’re offering the vibration now. It’s causing you to be a vibrational point of attraction now. And law of attraction cannot buck your current. Law of attraction cannot give you what’s in your vortex, what you’ve dreamed into place, if your now vibration is a vibrational variance from it. You’ve got to do the vibrational alignment.

So how do you do it? Well you just have to figure out. If dreaming about what you want makes you feel good, then do it. If dreaming about what you want makes you feel disappointed that it hasn’t happen yet, then stop the thought right here and now. If thinking about going to work makes you unhappy, then don’t think about going to work. But if you have to be at work because you want to pay your house off in two years, and because you remember how really awful it felt when there was no money coming in, and you are appreciating the difference between the money coming in and the money not coming in, and you are looking for what you are doing vibrationally that caused that difference, and you’re acknowledging that “I was there and that didn’t feel as good as where I am now. Where I am now feels better than where I was then. So it’s logical to me that I can feel better and better and better and better and better.” You just keep talking yourself into vibrational alignment. The money isn’t the means to the happy life. The happy life is the means to the money.”

– Abraham Hicks

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