Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao – Luck Analysis

Themed the Fight of the Century, Manny Pacquiao is to face it out with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on the 2 May 2015. Two world champions in the Welterweight category.

At the same time, so much anticipation from the Chinese metaphysics circle as to who will triumph! Before we go into the technicalities of Bazi analysis, let’s have look at both of their profiles.

Physically both of them are not of much difference. Floyd has a slightly longer reach and taller. Age wise both of them are just 1 year apart with Floyd one year older. Both have impressive records.

The entire fight, Manny was the aggressor while Floyd was dodging and punching only when he felt right. In the end, Floyd won by unanimous decision by the judges. Although many of Manny’s fan was not very happy but again, the result is result no matter how the people felt.

Here is how I derived the prediction:

We do not have their hour of birth but let’s see their Bazi based on 3 Pillars. We began with Manny:


Manny Pacquiao Bazi

Manny is a Gui 癸 Day master born in the year of the horse and during with Winter month. This type of chart is best to see Bing 丙 Fire to warm the environment. He has both the 7Killing and Direct Officer DO in his chart but the Direct officer is being controlled by the Hurting officer HO.

When HO controls a DO, the DO is rendered useless and usually this indicates a action orientated person with good talent.

Manny money Wu 午 is being clashed by the Zi 子, which makes him less interested in money but more focused on friend or family.

During this luck of Wu 戊 Chen 辰, The DO officer is very strong but the strong Day Master will have some problems to handle it. Is this luck favourable to him? Seems this luck is less favourable to him. When the Officer luck is too strong, one will suffer from obstacles, lost of status, lawsuits, power struggle etc.

Thus his problem with his current luck is the excessive Earth.

Floyd Mayweather Bazi:


Floyd Mayweather Bazi

Floyd on the other hand is a Ren 壬 day master born in the Snake 巳 Year but is born in during the Spring season. This chart will like to see Geng 庚 to prosper. The Snake brings to this Ren 壬 a lot of money and makes him money oriented. Inside the Snake is also where the Geng is in the storage.

Floyd current Luck is in Wu戊 Xu戌. Contrary to a Manny, Floyd is said to have a strong 7 Killing luck. Although 7K is said to be destructive, this Day Master is able to handle it due to a few reasons.

How does the date affect their Bazi and thus their chances of winning? The date of fight is 2 May 2015. Below is the 3 pillar of the fight.


Date of Fight 2 May 2015

How is this date being favourable or unfavourable to them? Let’s look at them in turn. For Manny, this is a strong Wu day and Geng 庚 from the month is combined away by the Yi 乙 and this frees the Wu 戊 to further combine to the Gui 癸 Day Master.

As mentioned above, when the Officer luck, represented by the Wu 戊 Earth, is too strong, one will suffer from obstacles, lost of status, lawsuits, power struggle etc.

However, to Floyd there is a small difference. The Wu energy is considered to be weak compared to the Ren because there is a clash between the Chen 辰 and Xu 戌. This clash weakens the earth while Ding 丁 is released. Ding to Floyd is the wealth. When the wealth in Floyd’s chart is enhanced, who do you think will have a better chance of winning ?

So when it comes to the outcome, the Heavenly Stems plays an important role though in contrary, many practitioners are taught to look at the Earthly Branch. That my friend is the HS Factor.

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p.s.: If you like to know more about Bazi, follow this link.

– Article written be Master Alan Chong of CAFS (Central Academy of Feng Shui)

Source: http://fengshuimechanics.com/2015/05/07/hs-factor/

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