The Creator is Everything in the Universe

The Creator is Everything in the Universe

In the Beginning

Let’s begin with an explanation of the first creative act and of the energy that began it. To ignore this very fundamental part of the universe would be like thinking your car has no engine and what propels it is just magic.

Before time existed (as you understand the concept of time) there was THE CREATOR, a vast intelligent energy that was timeless, ageless, and all encompassing. It existed and there was nothing else. Nothing existed because nothing had been created. Then, in a moment of infinite inspiration and expansion (no one really knows why), THE CREATOR created the first intelligences. These first intelligences began to interact with THE CREATOR like a child interacts with its parent. As these first intelligences grew they worked with THE CREATOR to form a cosmic egg. This egg contained the total knowledge and experience of THE CREATOR. It also contained all the possibilities of creation and what you understand as time‘s past, present, and future.

Next this cosmic egg expanded and grew. In another instant and in an explosion of light, everything was created and set into motion. The universe then contained many realities, dimensions, planes, and worlds, and these things began changing and evolving. First they were very primitive creations but quickly they grew in complexity, adding to the wonder and splendor of existence. The Big Bang (the creation of the physical universe) is the result of that first creative act as that action filtered down to other levels.

This first creative act happened outside of the framework of time and space and continues to this day. It is an ever-changing event that supplies the raw materials from which all the other created realities and intelligences spring from. Inside the box that is physical reality, events are ordered by time and space, however there is no such limitation in the greater universe of which THE CREATOR encompasses. Trying to explain an event that happens out of time is hard to do in a physical universe that is built upon a linear time scale, so we have these various creation myths. One story is no more or less accurate than another. It is just another way to put sense on an event that is not really understandable from a human perspective.

I refer to this core creative energy as THE CREATOR. I use this word because it conveys the meaning I wish to get across. I do not and would not presume to alter the name by which you refer to this energy, but we must agree on something. Also for the sake of literary accuracy, I’ll be using the pronoun “he” in conjunction with the term THE CREATOR. This pronoun use in no way infers any kind of gender to THE CREATOR, as this energy is genderless.

THE CREATOR is not really an entity, nor is he some kind of deity, as has been presented by traditional creation myths and various philosophies. To be more precise THE CREATOR is a conscious self-aware harmonious energy that runs through the very fabric of everything. He is the universe and yet he is separate from it. This idea lays the groundwork for hierarchal energy and consciousness. Of course as your understanding of the universe grows, so too will your idea about THE CREATOR increase. This is just a natural progression in understanding the universe and its basic design.

Most of the created realities that are the result of that first creative act are unknown to you because the physical plane has been your primary focus. However, just because your primary focus is of the physical plane does not mean you can’t be aware and partake of this unseen yet very real other part of existence; the physical universe is not the only reality you create in.

Once you are aware of the existence of other planes and realities on a cognitive level, the next step is to teach you the mechanics behind touching some of these other worlds, places, intelligences and beings. These worlds, places, intelligences and beings are not as far off or as bizarre as you may think. For example, a daydream is one such reality. It is a moment where you step out of the physical universe and into the greater nonphysical universe and interact with what is there. See! You are already multidimensional! You just didn’t know it.

Of course if you are a typical physically rooted person you may wonder if stomping around in these other nonphysical realities is going to be advantageous to you. Well it is! The physical universe came into existence with certain root assumptions. Many of these laws have their roots from the greater nonphysical universe that preceded it. The nonphysical universe is much older than the physical one; it was one of the first things created by the cosmic egg. It is from this larger nonphysical universe that physical reality gets its energy, vitality, and behavior. Therefore, much of what I will discuss involves this older, larger universe, as it is from this framework that you get the ability to create on the physical plane. Then, as you learn about the laws and root assumptions of this cosmic egg, I will teach you how to apply these experiences to your everyday physical existence. What better way to learn about the universe then by first hand exploration? An exploration, I might add, that you are fully equipped to embark on right now!

Now before I have you stomping around the nonphysical let’s take sometime to learn a bit about the basic design of the created universe. The most important part of the cosmic egg is the base code that went into it. This code is part of everything that exists and is what ensures that the universe expands in a constructive and positive manner. One of the central themes of this code deals with creative harmony. A Creative harmony is the idea that underneath everything that happens or exists there is some kind of unifying creative, harmonious force. This one creative force acts as a governor that resists disharmony and those influences that will pull apart from the whole and encourages those influences that support or add to the whole.

This idea of one all-encompassing creative force is not new. Just by looking up at the night sky you have to wonder about the level of creative harmony that goes on to form the stars and galaxies. Even an exploding star is a creative act, as the star is transformed from one form to another.

This creative harmony may seem elusive from a human perspective. However, as you delve deeper into the nonphysical side of creation and come in contact with the wonders that exist outside of the earthly system, this underlying harmony of everything will become more apparent.

You see! As you break out of the box of the physical plane, you will experience an increasing degree of harmony and a decreasing degree of disharmony. If you go far enough away from the physical plane all disharmony ceases to exist and only those creations that are in perfect harmony with each other are in existence.

The physical plane is a special case in the manifested universe. While you are incarnate on this plane, you are learning to use the most powerful creative tool you possess: your consciousness. Along with this learning process comes your choice to create with the underlying flow of creation or against it. So, on the physical plane, you often see two kinds of creations: those that are in harmony and those that are not.

Disharmony occurs when someone’s reality creation is not in synchronization with underlying creative energy wave of the universe. When you or someone else creates against this energy wave that creation will be in a state of decay; the universe’s core operating system does not support it, so the countercurrents of creation tear it down.

It’s not that you do not possess any free will, because you do. However, all your creations must be in harmony with this underlying creative current otherwise they decay. You are in the physical plane to learn how to tune your consciousness into this harmony, so that whatever you decide to create, that creation will resonate with everything else. It is a big universe and there are lots of harmonious things that you can create.

Important Points from this Chapter:

The physical and the nonphysical universe possess certain root assumptions (or laws) that dictate their behavior.

– The physical universe is a small part of the nonphysical universe; therefore the physical universe’s laws are birthed from the nonphysical universe’s laws.

– You already live in both the physical and the nonphysical universe; you are just unaware of it.

– Learning to be aware of your activities in the nonphysical universe will help you to better create your physical reality and demonstrate to you the nonphysical laws upon which physical reality is based.

– All your reality creations must be in harmony with the flow of creation otherwise they will decay.

On the chart below are several key points that the creative universe follows. See if you can find examples of these tenants in your daily life and write them down.

One Driving force – A unified reality creating system or force. A life force that connects everyone to everyone.

First Cause – Something from nothing (manifestation). Birth of your own creations.

Continual Change – Existence and change are interlinked. You exist because you change. Nonexistence = stagnation

Constructive Design – The universe evolves in a constructive fashion. Nothing happens unless it can be used positively.

Simultaneous Design – something is created, it is created all at once – beginning, middle and end. (Tough one to uncover but you will find clues.)

Energy Conservation – The universe cannot and does not waste energy and resources. Nothing manifests without a need.

Infinite Diversity – The universe contains all possibilities of everything that exist.

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

Basic Universe Construction

It’s just a matter of carpentry on a cosmic scale…

Let’s begin this investigation into the fundamental makeup of the physical and nonphysical by examining THE CREATOR.

Keep in mind that the idea of an all-encompassing intelligence guiding all action is progressive in nature. For the child THE CREATOR could be very simplistic, like an image of an old man with a beard sitting on a cloud. For the adult it could be more complex; THE CREATOR could be a being made up of pure energy and white light. One analogy is a bit more sophisticated than the other, but both ideas are still valid. The true nature of THE CREATOR is one that changes as you change and evolve. So in this chapter let‘s take a more sophisticated look at what THE CREATOR is and hopefully this knowledge will propel you closer to the fundamentals of universe construction.

Now there is no easy way to explain the multidimensional nature of THE CREATOR, so I’ll have to do this from several approaches. Let’s start with who you are in relation to THE CREATOR.

Everyone is a piece of THE CREATOR. The individual pieces when assembled comprise the totality of THE CREATOR. It’s like this: imagine you are THE CREATOR. As THE CREATOR, the individual beings that make up your total person would be equivalent to a single cell within your body. Each cell has its own life, existence, world and feeling of self. The various cells in any given area interact with each other, not unlike the way you interact with the people in your life. So you are one cell within the body of THE CREATOR. THE CREATOR (entire being) you (single cell).

However, this body example only takes us so far in explaining the multidimensional nature of THE CREATOR and universe construction. I merely want you to understand the relationship between you and THE CREATOR, between the planes and THE CREATOR, between the universe and THE CREATOR. The simple truth is that “THE CREATOR is everything! and everything is a piece of THE CREATOR.

Now in the creation story, THE CREATOR manifested all-that-is by letting his powers of creation free. When this action occurred two seemingly separate things manifested. First THE CREATOR expanded from within and became more than he was before. The second thing that happened was that these creations sprung up all around him. Whatever THE CRE/\TOR created he was able to interact with in an external way. His creations took on their own life an” individuality. This individuality of THE CREATOR’s creations is important to the free-will design of the universe. When THE CREATOR gave birth to the universe, it was done with a certain degree of independence. His creations had individuality but still remained part of himself.

Now from all the above conclusions you would not argue with me if I said that THE CREATOR is at the center of the universe. Everything was created from THE CREATOR and remains connected to him in some way. However this same conclusion can be said about you art your own being. Remember! You are a piece of THE CREATOR and that makes some of this universe construction applicable to your everyday life. Your own reality, like THE CREATOR’s, revolves around you and is connected to you in some way.

This idea is the “I am at the center of the universe!” design. No matter what you do or where you go, you are always at the center of your own universe. You perceive your reality from the only perspective that you can: through your own unique self. You can’t, for example, experience the universe through your friend’s eyes. If you did, you would be your friend and not you.

You are always at the center of your created reality!

Moving on, let’s discuss another aspect of CREATOR: what is THE CREATOR and what is the universe that was created? The answer to this question starts with the basic tenet that THE CREATOR is everything! If THE CREATOR is everything then the answer to this question lies in the tiniest parts of the universe. When a physicist examines physical reality, at a subatomic level, the physicist finds that physical matter is made up of tiny particles. These tiny particles are energy – all different forms of energy, but definitely energy! It’s only when a certain number of these particles group together that they begin to mimic the properties you know of as physical reality. If “THE CREATOR is everything” and the smallest piece of ‘everything’ is energy, then the answer to the “What is THE CREATOR?” question is “THE CREATOR is energy!”

Smallest piece of THE CREATOR IS energy!

If everything is THE CREATOR and THE CREATOR is energy then that assumption, taken a bit further, implies that all universes both physical and nonphysical are energy as well. You and entire universes are all different configurations of energy. Knowing that the basic makeup of everything is energy will help you greatly in understanding many of the things l will discuss. Most of those things involve changing that energy to make changes in your life and to make certain nonphysical things occur. Furthermore, the tool to change energy is always with you: consciousness. Your consciousness is the tool through which you control and change energy, just as it is through THE CREATOR’s consciousness that everything came into being. THE CREATOR orders the universe for you on one energy level, with his consciousness, and then you reorder that same universe with your consciousness on another energy level.

What a wonderful and loving idea if you think about it: two orders, one on top of the other, a larger more basic order on one hand, and a smaller more detailed order on the other. Of course it is that smaller more detailed order that you can control directly, but you can’t do that unless you understand the basics of that larger order.

Important Points from this Chapter:

– There is one unifying force throughout the known and unknown created universe.

– This creative unifying force when broken down to its smallest component is energy.

– Because the minutest part of THE CREATOR is energy, everything that exists is energy as well.

– THE CREATOR orders energy on a very basic but grand scale; and you, with your consciousness, order energy on a very detailed but small scale.

– Like THE CREATOR, you are always the center of your universe and the center of your reality creating.

– Like THE CREATOR, you are always a part of your own reality creating.

– Like THE CREATOR, your own reality creations are independent yet connected to you.

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

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