6 Things You Must Know About Introverts That Make Them Different From Extroverts

Introverts and extraverts may seem the same on the surface, they are different to each other in the way they or respond to life’s everyday occurrences. Introverts and extraverts naturally differ when it comes to their alertness and responsiveness to a given environment.

While a person’s introverted or extraverted tendencies fall within a spectrum — there is no such thing as a pure introvert or pure extravert,according to psychologist Curl Yung- an introvert is most obvious and vulnerable when he or she is in an over stimulating environment.

Here are 6 ways introverts physically interact with the world around them differently than extroverts.

Long and deeper conversation help introverts to speak out loud:


While most extraverts are energized by such interactions, introverts often feel intimidated by them. First they feel uncomfortable to share their experiences or feelings but in long conversations when introverts gain a sense of comfort or trust, they start to express themselves.Therefore, introverts prefer deeper conversations, oftentimes about philosophical ideas.

Introverts are also good on stage:


Some of the most successful performers are introverts. It’s a wrong belief that those who are introverts are unable for stage performances; in fact they can perform even better.

They get distracted easily, but rarely feel bored:


If you’re looking to destroy an introverted person’s attention span, just put them in a situation where they feel over stimulated. Due to increased sensitivity to their surroundings, introverts struggle with feeling distracted and sometimes overwhelmed in large crowds and open office spaces.

They are creative, detail-oriented and solitary careers:


Introverts naturally prefer spending time alone or in a small group, when it comes to making decisions and solving problems. Therefore, they fare better in work environments .Certain professions — including writers , in-the-field natural scientists and behind -the-scenes tech workers can give introverts the intellectual stimulation they crave without the distracting environment they dislike.

When surrounded by people, they tend to keep them away:


Introverts not only feel physically uncomfortable in crowded places, they tend keep away themselves from such places.Whether it be by an exit, at the back of a concert hall, or an aisle row on an airplane, they avoid being surrounded by people on all sides.

They think before they speak.


The best part of introverts is that they always think before they speak. It is second nature to them to take their time before opening their mouths, reflecting eternally, instead of thinking out loud. Introverts are generally quiet and shy in nature, but it just means that when they do speak, the words they share have that much more thought — and sometimes power — behind them.


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