5 Biggest Masturbation Myths Debunked

Is it okay to Masturbate? Will it affect my health? All these questions are an earful among people. A major chunk of people masturbate but are still worried that doing so might be playing with their health. Some even refrain from masturbating throughout their teenage just because they heard that it was unhealthy. Well here are some debunked myths about masturbation, so that next time you do it guilt free!

Myth#1 Girls Don’t Masturbate

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Masturbation is a common place activity among guys, but what about girls? A major chunk of people strongly state that girls don’t masturbate, further strengthening this misconception is the reason that even the girls who do it don’t usually talk about it. But in contrast the reality stands that girls do masturbate, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. In fact, one study showed that women who masturbate have higher self-esteem than those who don’t.

Myth#2 No Masturbation During Menstruation

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Girls usually shy away from masturbating while they are chumming, and that is because they have always been told to abide by the myth that it’s not healthy to masturbate during menstruation. But as the facts recite – it’s safe and healthy for a girl to masturbate (or have other kinds of sex) when she has her period. Some women even masturbate during menstruation to relieve menstrual cramps.

Myth#3 It’s Not Okay To Masturbate Before Touching Puberty

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Early teens are usually boggled when they are told by elders that masturbating in early teenage is not healthy and can result in stunted growth, hair fall and weakness. But this is utterly a stupid myth. Growing up kids explore their bodily needs and masturbation being one of the major discoveries, is completely a healthy sexual activity that can be done at any age.  In fact, experts recommend that parents teach children that it’s normal for people to touch their sex organs for pleasure — but that it should be done in private.

Myth#4 Excessive Masturbation Kills Your Sex Drive

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It is commonly said that if you masturbate in oodles, you get addicted to it, and then actual action (sex) doesn’t feel as good. On the contrary, regular masturbation actually makes you last longer in bed and gets you rid of the biggest embarrassment of all – Premature ejaculation. To help you with – try the start and stop technique.

Myth#5 Masturbation Causes Pregnancy

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The most ridiculously idiotic myth to come across is that masturbation causes pregnancy. But to early teenagers it’s one of the biggest scare of their lives. The truth is that masturbation can never cause pregnancy. In order for a pregnancy to occur, sperm needs to get inside a vagina. When a guy masturbates with a woman, he needs to be careful that his semen doesn’t touch her vulva.


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