Healing One’s Self is the Ultimate Act of Self-Love

Healing One’s Self is the Ultimate Act of Self-Love

“The energy field that surrounds you is the central part of your soul (to use a very basic word). And while some of this energy exists on the physical plane, the greater portion of this energy exists on a nonphysical level. The healing of the body is as much a nonphysical endeavor as it is a physical one. Let’s examine the healing of the body from a nonphysical perspective. It is here you can thwart and correct many physical discomforts and illnesses that you have or may get. Furthermore, understanding the link between the nonphysical ‘you’ and the physical ‘you’ will help you to maintain a much healthier condition!

You see! Illness begins on the nonphysical level. It starts as an energy blockage or an increase in negative energy in one or more areas of the nonphysical body. Blocked or negatively charged energy cannot sustain the physical body. Energy from the etheric level passes into the physical body where the body uses it as fuel to function normally. When your energy field is blocked or charged with negativity, the physical organism does not receive what it needs. Eventually some part of the body breaks down and/or some kind of illness sets in.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“A good way to prevent or minimize illness is to incorporate energy routines in your daily activity to keep your nonphysical body flowing with positive energy. Yoga, Tai Chi, physical exercise, energy stretches and meditation are all good examples of ways to keep your nonphysical body clear of negative energy and charged with positive energy.

Now, once an illness manifests physically, a total healing is necessary so that you don’t have a relapse or have another illness manifest later. Many times traditional medical treatment is ineffective or temporary because the nonphysical counterpart is not taken into account. Even in cases where the condition was removed by a medical procedure, a reoccurrence is common because the root cause (the energy imbalance) was not corrected.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“A total healing approaches healing from both sides of reality creation: physical and nonphysical. The physical side of healing, as you know, involves traditional or alternative medical treatment. I would recommend that you continue with these traditional routines, as you implement the healing techniques presented here. You can’t just ditch your current belief system in the traditional side of healing, nor is it prudent for you to expect 100 percent effectiveness from energy healings alone. In time with these healing routines, you will have tremendous success and you may then want to ease some of your dependency on traditional or alternative medicine.

Nonphysically, healing is the restoration of out of balance energy and the removal of built up negative energy. An energy imbalance can be caused by energy blockages or even by excessive amounts of energy accumulating in one place. Healing these imbalances involves working directly on the affected area or working indirectly from some remote energy point that is linked to the same area as the illness. Simple rebalancing of the energy in a given area can often bring immediate relief. Continued rebalancing of this energy over a period of days can bring impressive results, usually half the healing time than if you did nothing or worked the healing strictly from the medical side.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

Positive Thoughts

“The first and certainly the most powerful method of self-healing, is consciousness directed properly toward that condition. Positive thoughts of health and healing, and thoughts of an optimistic future can change even the direst conditions very quickly. However, the trick with positive thoughts is a completely uninhibited …belief system. A belief system containing uncertainty will certainly diminish the effectiveness of this approach. Nonetheless this approach is a good way to start even before you begin any energywork in the body. So let’s begin every healing by firing off thoughts of good health and what you will do with that good health. Keep feeding yourself these thoughts every few hours or several times a day until the condition is completely gone. Think of these positive healing thoughts like taking medicine. You have to keep taking that medicine regularly until the condition is gone.

Imagination is an effective gadget for transmitting positive thoughts of health. Imagine yourself being healthy! See yourself doing something physically that you want to do but can’t because of the illness. Then keep any kind of negative thought, doubt, or foreboding out of your mind. If these thoughts do creep in, follow them up with a healthy dose of some positive thoughts. This action will, at the very least, neutralize those negative thoughts. Stay away from negative words when thinking or talking about your condition. Instead of saying, “I am sick,” say “I am unwell”. The second phrase uses the positive word “well,” which brings about the condition of wellness; whereas the word “sick” brings about the condition of sickness. Also it is a good idea to do some kind of physical affirmation toward the kind of healing you want to bring about. Get out, take a walk, do something physical. These physical actions remind your body-consciousness that it needs to fix itself because you need to be out and about and not in bed. It is no secret that athletes heal very quickly because they are motivated to get back into the game. You may have to motivate yourself back into the game of life with some illnesses, especially if that illness has been long-term in nature.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

The Polarity Healing

“The easiest energy-healing method is a polarity healing. The polarity healing is good for passing similar healing energy from one area of your body into another. Let’s use the knee and say that your left knee is bothering you. Take your right hand and place it on your right knee, and then place your left hand over your left knee. This action sets up a flow of energy. Next imagine and feel the good energy from your good knee flowing up your arm, through your heart, down your other arm, and into the other knee. Keep feeling the energy for several minutes or until you feel you have moved enough energy into the bad knee. What you are doing is taking good knee energy and sending it to the other knee, replacing that bad knee enemy. The polarity healing is very good because the energy is already predisposed toward that particular part of the body and, as such, will be used easily by the afflicted area.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

The Pinpoint Healing

“With polarity healing you can use any part of your body that has a well working counterpart: eyes, hands, bones, muscle, etc. However, sometimes you may have to heal a part of your body that does not have a well working counterpart. For these times you can try the pinpoint healing method. With a pinpoint healing you mentally move energy to the area you need to heal. For example, if you have a sore throat, you can send a pinpoint stream of energy to that area to increase the energy flow there. To use this method, focus intently on the area that is bothering you. Narrow the focus of your attention to as small an area of the afflicted spot as possible. Try to find the exact, infinitesimally minute, place where the cause may lie. When you have this place clearly in your mind, move your energy around as if it was laser beam slide gently pushing or feeling the energy flow from your heart chakra. This gentle push will send heart energy out into that area of the body. Continue this process for several minutes.

It is quite normal to feel an increase in pain in the affected area when doing a pinpoint healing. In fact, when you do feel the pain increase slightly you know you have pinpointed the exact spot that needs the healing energy. This increase in pain will be very short lived and when the pain ceases you have sent enough healing energy into that area to completely dissipate the bad energy that is there. With a pinpoint healing, the good energy goes in and accelerates the condition in a matter of seconds, thrusting out the bad energy so healing can occur.

From an energy perspective, pain is the release of harmful energy from an area of the body. When backed up negative energy reaches a point where it can’t back up anymore it causes physical pain in that area. The pain acts as a transmitter that releases the energy into the atmosphere. Pain is part of the body’s healing process in this respect, though you may think otherwise. Also keep in mind (with the pinpoint healing) this pain may decrease if you lose the focus on the area you are targeting. You may need to do several sweeps of your mental laser beam over the affected area until all the painful spots are gone.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

The Energy Rake

“Remove that negative energy with a sweep of your hand! Yes! This method is truly wonderful and easy to use. I recommend, however, you use this method along with one of the other techniques for real effectiveness.

Just take your hand and rake or scoop the area where the illness resides, like you were catching sonic kind of mist in your hand. Then let this energy drift into the air by releasing it from your hand and gently pushing it away from your body. As you let it go, ask the earth to rebalance and return this energy to the earth. Keep doing this scooping for several seconds to a minute or two or until you feel you have scooped enough energy out. Repeat the Energy Rake as much as you like but at least several times a day is most effective.

If you get really proficient at this technique you will actually feel yourself pull the bad energy out of the affected area. You can get rid of the pain in that area also. I’ve used this method for just about anything: sore bones, teeth, muscles, and even a blocked chakra. The beautiful part of the Energy Rake is that you can do this routine in public without attracting too much attention. This can be very handy if you are in that all important board meeting and that sore pinky acts up. Just rake away the bad energy and pain.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

The Heart-Core Healing

“Another method of moving good energy into your body is the heart-core healing. Use this method when the whole body has to be healed, as in a flu or virus that affects many parts of the body at once. Start by taking deep easy breaths. After a few breaths and after you have a good rhythm, focus on an imaginary spot that sits 20 feet above your head. Take several deep breaths to feel this spot. Now focus on the imaginary spot that is 20 feet below your feet. Again take several breaths to feel this spot. Now connect these two spots in your imagination with a stream of energy going from top to bottom, through your body and especially going through your heart chakra. Hold this visualization for a moment.

Next, on an in breath, feel the buildup of energy in your heart chakra. On the out breath, pass that energy out of your heart chakra in a kind of energy mist that encircles the entire body. Naturally, the heart-core healing method does not put as much energy in any one particular place, but it will circulate an increase in energy around you. Again, maintain this breathing action with the energy focus for several minutes. Try to do one to three of these a day till you are healed.

A variation of the Heart Care Healing can be used to heal just about anything, especially mechanical devices, like a car or computer. It is not a cure-all with these things, but it can help to patch or hold things together till you can get them fixed correctly. To implement this technique, implement the Heart Core Healing as before but instead of sending a mist of energy around you, touch whatever you want to heal with your hand, and send this energy charge out into the device you want to heal. Feel the energy go out your heart chakra and down your arm into the device. Some typical uses for this kind of healing would be car trouble, computer crashes, or any device that seems to be operating sporadically.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)


“The Chi-Breath routine is good to remove built up negativity from your body. In fact I would suggest you use this method not only when you are ill, but regularly to maintain your health.

On the in-breath feel the air go into your nose, into your lungs, and at the same time, through the pores of your skin covering your entire body. Then on the out-breath, feel the breath exiting your lungs, mouth, and pores of your skin. One the in-breath good positive energy enters, and on the out-breath negative energy is removed. Do this for several minutes. You may feel a bit light-headed after doing this exercise. That lightheadedness is due to the positive energy you have taken in and the negative energy you have removed. The Chi-Breath teaches the body to literally breathe through the entire body as the organism was meant to breathe. In time you will even feel the air move in and out of your pores. I do recommend you make this part of your daily routine.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)


“When all else fails or you need some really fast healing, you may want to call in the big energies, nothing can help a self-healing along like the OLAP.

The OLAP (pronounced oh-el-aa-pay) are energy beings that you can invoke to come and repair or help heal your body. Invocation is an advanced Reality Creator topic, however this call is very safe and a good way to get introduced to this type of reality creating.

Sit in a quiet place or lie down and begin to say silently the name oh-el-aa-pay. Say it over and over again. While you are repeating the name think about what you want to heal. If you want, you can use one of the other healing methods already described here while you do the invocation. This action will call (invoke) the OLAP healers to the etheric plane where they will begin to help you heal that part of your body. Keep the invocation healing going for as long as you feel necessary. Usually 10 to 30 minutes is sufficient, but sometimes it can go longer or shorter. Keep repeating the invocation word as you see the need during the healing.

The word OLAP is ancient Enochian (Angelic), it means: “Return that to which is perfection.” In effect you are asking the guardians of the healing energies to enter into your body and return it to its perfected state. You can see amazing results with this Method. However don’t skimp on using the other healing methods as well, just because this one seems the most powerful.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“Keep in mind that sometimes the body maintains its state of health by a purging system. It is normal for the body to become slightly unhealthy at times. This unhealthiness is part of the way the body rids itself of accumulated toxins, when no other personal healing maintenance technique is used. Illness is a catalyst that mobilizes the body’s defenses. In time, and as you get better at healing and removing these toxic energies from your system, the need for you to vacillate between health and minor illness will diminish and you will experience longer and longer periods of being completely well.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“Keep in mind that your basic belief system of healing is not going to change overnight. The deeper areas of your subconscious mind are shielded from short-term effects. You will have to be persistent and patient to help your new healing-belief system take hold.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“Self-healing is the ultimate act of self-love. When you heal yourself, you love your body, mind, and spirit in a way that is pure and divine in nature. If you can learn to love yourself to this degree then you can easily take that love and apply it to everyone else. What a wonderful world you will have when you can do this.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

– All illness begins on nonphysical level. It is only after the nonphysical level sustains long-term damage does the illness show up physically.

– Once an illness manifests physically, a complete healing involving the physical and nonphysical side is necessary for the condition to be gone and not return.

– Correcting energy flow on the nonphysical level will speed up a physical healing and prevent a relapse.

– Positive thoughts and your imagination can be powerful allies in your wellness process.

– Use the energy healing methods that you feel most comfortable with. It is not necessary to use them all.

– Give yourself time to heal. A long-term illness will take longer to heal than one you have only had for a short time.

– Your healing belief system usually changes slowly, so don’t completely give up on your old healing belief system. Try to use both the old and the new until you feel confident with the new system. Then you can slowly replace your old healing methods with your new ones.

– As with any illness always consult your physician if it persists or is serious. While these techniques can be used on serious illnesses, they are best used in conjunction with your present healing infrastructure.

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

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